About Me


I’ve been writing since 2007, but have been studying about success, spirituality, and personal development for many more years.

It all started with a Bob Proctor seminar

My personal pathway to success began years ago after attending a Bob Proctor seminar in Toronto,Canada. Those exciting sessions opened the doorway to the many icons of the New Thought Movement who wrote about the divinity and possibility that resides within each of us.

Books can change your life

Life changed dramatically by the words of Phineas Quimby, Thomas Troward, James Allen, William Walker Atkinson, Wallace Wattles and a host of others. I applied the principles of success taught to us in the seminar and experienced a greater level of happiness and tranquility, a more positive attitude, and an increase in my earnings.

Although a larger paycheck allowed me to do more things, like own a nicer car and have better vacations…these weren’t the focus of my life. The income was a corollary of my deeper sense of purpose and greater sense of compassion for others.

Success dd not happen overnight 

I was a late bloomer (I earned my PhD when most of my colleagues were getting ready for retirement), and honestly can’t tell you that success came overnight, that only happens when you win the lottery. There was a great deal of effort to accomplish what I did accompanied with determination, belief, faith, and action. However, the journey was well worth the energy put forth on my part.

As we start any journey in life there are a myriad of possibilities, and they all exist at the same time. We all have the ability, if we believe and have faith, we can accomplish much more than what we think is possible. Age, gender, ability, location…cannot hinder your progress, the proof is in my results.

There are multiple possibilities at each moment 

Since 2007, I have authored eighteen books in two different genres (on Amazon, Kindle), but the overarching message in each one of them is one of possibility…and each possibility can unfold before us with our thoughts, words and actions.

Success is unlocked by a variety of keys

At one point the door to success was shut tight. I was unable to find the right key because of what I thought,  said, and did.

Still, I persevered and found that the lock of success can be opened by many keys, and each of us has the same innate ability to unlock whatever door is holding back what you desire in life.

It’s time to give back to others

Now, I feel it is my responsibility to give back and share my many experiences to help others achieve what they want in their life.